Saturday, Day 0, Surrender?

The government is not making people check in any more. They don't use the app, they don't use the app data, and so many people just sail on by without checking in, it's criminal.

I keep feeling like everyone in charge is just sticking their heads in the sand about this damn plague and hoping it goes away. Nevermind the thousands who die of it. Nevermind the thousands who are incapacitated by it. As long as the money flows, all is well.

This WILL bite them all in the butt and I can only hope I don't suffer because of it.

I still don't want to look at the news, but this gets to me and is the reason WHY I don't want to look at the news. Bleh.

I'm going to stop measuring the stats, too. I just can't do it any more. No more days without infection. They're just not going to happen any more. Still tagging my blog with Plague Diary because the firkin Plague has NOT gone away.

AND I shall be renewing Mayhem's driving lessons. He's been a long time away from the wheel so refresher course in the suburban sprawl is in order.