Challenge #03330-I042: Fun Times With a Friendly Monster

It's been many, many, years since the Pax Humanis agents attacked the pirate ship and freed the children. Some of the children, with permission of parentals and guardians, kept in touch with the agents who became friends with them. Sometimes even being allowed to visit in person, carefully of course. -- Anon Guest

Cem sprang back into full excitement mode when the dark sky changed to the unique glow of atmosphere. They were finally here! Unty Thom's planet! Ze was going to see a real log cabin and meet hunting dogs and Unty Thom was going to let them pet a deer! And they would go fishing on a lake and maybe swim there too and Unty Thom was going to show them wilderness survival and all the cool stuff.

But first, a temporary livesuit that would let hir do all of that whilst closely monitoring all the vitals. Little Havenworlders, no matter what they had been through for epigenetic experience, still needed protection from lots of things. Bacteria and disease were only part of it.

This was a Pax Humanis planet. Where all of the most dangerous Humans were kept apart for everybody's safety.

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