Challenge #03078-H170: The Inherent Hazards of Knomiras

Common sense is not that common, this most people know.

When you lack even that basic knowledge, it's sad how things can go.

They were listening to the instructions of the flight attendants as they had boarded their flight from the station. It was the usual routine safety instructions that all flights normally gave, and the usual "Here is what we do for this type of emergency" thing. Except, this time, a person scoffed, rolling their eyes, refusing to listen to a word. Then, half-way to the solar system that held the vacation resort they were going to, there was a system-wide malfunction. The gravy drive got sick, and the gravity was out. Of course, the scoffing person was screaming conspiracy and how it was "just to get back at them for not being sheep", and the rest of the passengers were getting really sick of their horse-droppings. -- DaniAndShali

"Thank you for choosing Barg'hain Transport, as soon as all passengers are seated, the safety briefing and launch will commence." The message was on automatic and repeat while those headed for Resortia found their seats, stored their overhead luggage, and settled in.

Reis and Ney had heard it all before. For them, it was white noise. They were far too used to public transit safety briefings, automessages, and cardboard-tasting peanuts. So they did their best to get on, get settled, and get out of everyone else's way as efficiently as possible.

One passenger, two rows ahead, was loud and annoying and refusing to co-operate. "You can't tell me what to do! I am a free citizen, I know my rights. I don't have to operate to your dictatorial screeds!"

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