Challenge #03070-H162: Weighed and Found Wanting

Entitlement. When one thinks of that word, they think of humans, especially stuck up females, though some males are as well, that are self-centered jerks who thinks the world should do everything THEIR way. But it comes in all forms. This havenworlder was self-centered, a total brat, and thought that just because the humans were kind to their kind and often allowed their people to ride on their shoulders to get from point A to point B safely, that the humans were a servant race and MUST obey them. After all, they were their superiors, right? Humans were just... their horses. -- Anon Guest

[AN: It is precisely "The Karen" and its effect on real people named Karen that I invented the term "Knomira". Not only is it gender neutral, but it encapsulates the usual rallying call of their kind, "I know my rights!" Corrupt that into a jumble and you get, "I knomiraah!" Boom. Knomira.]

There are, unfortunately, people who trade on their assumed fragility. They use the people willing to defend them to get exactly what they want whenever they encounter the slightest kind of opposition. Even when their own kind call them out, they refuse to acknowledge anything but their own right to do what they please.

They used to bear a common name. A more accurate term has evolved based on their shared claim. One of them is about to learn a lesson. Meet Acquirer Vidath, known to many as, "That flakkin' Havenworlder Knomira." Usually, after the fact that they quit their service for good.

Human Karyn knew the type. She had used the lure of knowing her rights before she learned the corollary responsibilities that came with them. The right to remain delicate came with the responsibility to accept one's own limitations. The right to be strong came with the responsibility to protect the weak. The right to enforce one's will on others came with the responsibility to accept all of the consequences. That last lesson was about to come to land on Vidath. Karyn was going to make sure.

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