Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon

Plague news: Five new cases, all imports. Thirty-two total, twenty-seven in hospital.

That's some scary numbers. The waves happen overseas, but they still wash up on our shores.

I have some Patreon stuff to share - yay. And some screencaps to make for the program progress. And five hundred words to write. And an Instant to create.

In the news:

  • Gold Logie winner hit by a car
  • TV Host accused of imitating That Scene Sharon Stone Did
  • China attacking crypto
  • More concern over Macca's chips
  • Daniel Radcliffe has a home in Australia now
  • You're more likely to get hit by lightning than die of blood clots from the jab
  • US people shocked by the way Delta spreading in Aus
  • US Expat has problem with Aussie tampons. We have less accessories with that noise
  • Kloe Kardashian had plastic surgery

It's bus o'clock. I must go do things.