Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Plague news: 1 local, two imports. Thirty-five total with twenty-seven in hospital. Once again, the local transmission is a quarantine worker who assumed they were safe and let the protocols slip. Whoops.

The vax only protects YOU. It does not stop transmission because this shit can hang out on surfaces for a day or more. Wash your fucking hands, wear your gotdang mask, and know where your hand sanitiser is.

...and vaccinate your fucking kids...

In program news - Beloved and I got the background and text colour pickers working... but there was a ragequit on the font and size choices. That sort of noise is going to take an hour at minimum to get working.

...and then we do a soft launch so I can tag over THREE THOUSAND FIRKIN STORIES so people can find them. While programming's been going on, I've only been able to do ten per day. With luck, I should be able to do more after the soft launch.

On the other hand, cringing at old stories from almost ten years ago...

In the news:

  • Chinese athlete caught doping again
  • Victoria shuts down against entrants from Sydney
  • Sydney refusing to lockdown because... There hadn't been "too many surprises". It's actually money
  • Delta variant super infectious by air, wear your gotdang mask
  • New list of symptoms for Delta
  • Teenaged alleged drug trafficker facing a lot of danger in prison
  • Cryptocoin to drop
  • Missing princess apparently on holiday
  • Little dog lost in Hobart airport now returned to family
  • Petrol prices to inflate RSN
  • Mice close a prison
  • Luxury car dealer has license cancelled

Onwards to another terrible tiefling tale.