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I'm looking for title art

If you’ve read my recently-published tale, Late Bloomer and have any artistic talent, please post or send me something.

I’m looking to share Late Bloomer on EqD and they like it when you have art for a title page.

If anyone, anywhere, loves the story enough to make some non-spoilery fan art, please send it to cat@internutter.org or even post it as a reply here. Or send me a link to where you posted it. Whatever.

I need that art. You got that art?

The Talk (story!)

I came up with this one to explain how the ponies reproduce without apparent genetalia. Also to explain pony reproduction in as safe a G-rated manner as possible, without excluding GLBT coupling

Warning: There is a sad patch.

The Talk

“Applejack, can ah aks ya a question?”
Applejack kept working as she spoke, “Ain’t nothin’ so far ‘as stopped ya.”
“Where do foals come from?”
Whoah nelly. She’d been dreading

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Who's Your Favourite?

It’s inevitable, really.

The instant you mention you like My Little Pony, you get asked “Who’s your favourite?”

Isn’t it okay to love them all?

I don’t choose favourites. The things I love, I love equally as much. Love is a fountain that never diminishes, to me. It should be shared as such.

Which is why my imaginary harem contains a shapeshifter, a giant purple talking crab thing, and three different versions

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