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Monday, Progress and Presents

Had a bit of time juggling to get to the place. Had some fun driving what boils down to high-speed lawnmowers through an indoor track.

Chaos kept crashing into the walls because she didn't quite grok braking. Oh dear.

She was still better at driving the dang things than I was. I was bumbling around the track like it was the Dreamworld Fun Cars [the slow lawnmowers].

It was a drifting track. You're supposed to go around sideways. I was lapped like seventy bajillion times by everyone including Chaos[though she only lapped me once].

Beloved got her Mother's Day gift. A neat little tin of French crepe-based bikkies that also plays Claire de Lune. She's delighted. When the bikkies are gone, she's got a cool tin to stow stuff in that also plays some nice music.

I did great.

I shall be making my offerings, and then seeing how far I can get with A Devil's Tale today before I slouch off to mess around in game space.

Chapter Count: Almost halfway through Chapter 273. I think I might be approaching Literary Zoomies soon.

Saturday, Easter Shenanigans

All four days of this holiday are Feast Days. Simply so I don't keep bitching about what I can and can't have for nomnoms.

We need to get more kitty fodder, and that may be happening today. We also need to recycle all the bottles and cans we've been collecting and I have NO CLUE when that's meant to happen.

Real Soon Now is a very nebulous concept.

I have started on level seven of 23 of the seecondary campaign for my

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We had fun.

Too much bad food. Just enough bad TV. I heartily recommend Velocipastor as the new Plan 9 From Outer Space. It is very clearly something some people filmed in and around their homes, with their mates, possibly while drunk.

Beloved suspects it was written, directed, and edited whilst drunk. It would explain a lot, actually.

For those of you who love terrible movies, this one is a GEM. 10/10, would laugh at again.

Since my family actually got out of bed

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Fun times ahead

Something there is that does not like me breathing, this week. At this stage in the game, I'm putting it down to Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season. And that's why I'm blogging with a breather mask on my face. Because Seratide and atrovent puffers aren't quite cutting it.

For some reason, I get more typos and type more slowly with a mask on my face, but I'm damned if I'm gonna just spin my wheels whilst I dose myself with saline and atrovent

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Challenge #01041-B309: This Old Haunted Mansion

Lewis and his small army of cute musical purple ghostlets messing with other paranormal investigators while the others film it and try not to pass out laughing. -- Gallifreya

[AN: Just in case you haven't heard about that music video: check it out. You're welcome.]

"Welcome to This Old Haunted Mansion, I'm Vivi, and this is our ghost, Lewis."

Scratchy noises carried over the audio.

"You can't hear him, but we can," said a voice behind the camera. "He just said hello

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Queensland Gothic

  • There are dead snakes on the road. Somewhere in your line of sight is currently on fire. It’s perfect beach weather. Pack up the esky.
  • No matter which way you go to your destination, you will pass a dead possum.
  • You must put something inside your shoes when you take them off or there will be a spider in them in the morning. It’s too late. The spider is already there.
  • Drilling small children on the venomous things that live
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bee-the-gatekeeper: melovu-longtime: bee-the-gatekeeper: Request by melovu-longtime. I actually finished the gear painting so I get a...




Request by melovu-longtime. I actually finished the gear painting so I get a treat… drawing some fun fan art… before I go on to try and render a nest full of shinies. I kept it simple because my tablet has been lagging pretty badly.

You didn’t specify how you wanted Rabbit to play with Beemo, so my take is that she and the others got separated when they wandered into a snowy region (Ice King asks whether Rabbit

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SteamWorld Dig - YouTube

SteamWorld Dig - YouTube

So… I went completely do-lally and decided to do a Let’s Play series.

I recorded a 2+ hour session and broke it up into 10-ish minute segments for your entertainment.

Sadly, this means that the first 15 episodes don’t contain game sound 9_9 Hopefully, I’ve sorted that out in the following session.

New episodes when my internet deigns to concede to upload them.

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Fun fun asthma party times

It’s half-past four in the morning and I’m in triage, waiting to see a doctor.

At 3AM, I woke up with a barking cough and the regret that I hadn’t sought out my medication, yesterday. It was a public holiday and I thought it could wait.

For want of Atrovent, I wound up in a desperate search for anyone who would sell it to me. Hospital was my last resort. And they have procedures…


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mechanical-mustache: I could but I'd just feel so embarrassssssed But my ideas were fun like Hatchworth as the creepy Russian dude with all...


I could but I’d just feel so embarrassssssed

But my ideas were fun like

Hatchworth as the creepy Russian dude with all the rats

The Spine and Rabbit instead of the two old theatre women

And steve was coraline with little Steve as his button eyed doll

And Peter was the other “mother” with a creepier, more intricate key mask to match the lock on the little door

And I thought about having Michael reed as Wybie


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Reblog with your pin-up self!











The Deluxe Pin-up dollmaker is out now. c:

Make your own here






i gave mine a mustache because i am a boy. 



Too accurate.





…Assuming I lost all fat (and possibly some internal organs) and about 20 years… I might look a little like that. Maybe.

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Words That Don't Exist But Should: Administrivia

Administrivia (n): 1. Data that, though it serves no obvious purpose, is nonetheless deemed necessary by the ruling faction - especially when it comes to getting said faction to hand over money. 2. Excessive red tape, above and beyond the call of duty. Most usually defined by queries as to the number of tattoos on obscure relatives, and their nature or genre. 3. Paperwork that can be safely ignored until someone yells at you for not filling it out.

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