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Request by melovu-longtime. I actually finished the gear painting so I get a treat… drawing some fun fan art… before I go on to try and render a nest full of shinies. I kept it simple because my tablet has been lagging pretty badly.

You didn’t specify how you wanted Rabbit to play with Beemo, so my take is that she and the others got separated when they wandered into a snowy region (Ice King asks whether Rabbit is a princess. She says ya better believe it. He tries something, she melts his palace) and she found this little house after seeing a whole bunch of people made out of candy. So she casually breaks in and sees a weird looking console with just a joystick fer cryin’ out loud and makes herself at home playing it.

Beemo thinks Rabbit is now his girlfriend. She likes him but still hasn’t forgotten the toaster incident…

Bee knows what I want. Yaaas.

WHOO success! Y’know, now that I read it over, it makes me think of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, only Rabbit in the land of Ooo would be like Goldilocks on a catastrophic scale… She melts the Ice King’s palace, she licks the candy people, she plays Beemo until he maxes out his top level and shorts out (oh, that just sounded filthy). That sofa’s gonna break next and Finn will come home to find his swords bent and his sleeping bag popped at the seams. And Rabbit curled up in stasis in Jake’s box.

Once upon a time in the magical land of Ooo…

“Stoopid b-b-brothers an’ their d-detachable heads, why I aughta…” Rabbit kicked a penguin as she stomped through the snow. The only bright side was that there was plenty of water for her boiler.

The downside was that she tended to sink to ground level. And the snow here was deep in most places.

As a direct result, Rabbit marched through the Ice Kingdom via a rabbit-shaped tunnel of her own making. Well, sort of queued, really. She did have to wait for the snow and ice ahead of her to melt from the heat of her boiler.

And to top it all off, she had to melt her way around a really big rock. This was so not fair. Standing around with only ice and granite to stare at while her stupid brothers and their stupid detachable heads got to have a stupid adventure in a stupid cave without her. At least there weren’t any snow-piranhas.

The space above her head increased as she queued her way around the gigantic rock. Rabbit ignored it. This was stupid and boring and it would serve her ro-bros right if they needed a flamethrower and didn’t have it because she wasn’t stupid there.

Stupid caves.

Who needed them? She could make her own in the stupid ice.

Rabbit was almost back on to the invisible track she had plotted for herself when -surprise, surprise- there was another stupid big stupid rock in her way.

This was beyond enough. She screamed fire at the damned rock and cussed at it with words she had saved up through thousands of years and uncountable wars. And it made it worse that all that that did for her was make more water and an ominous cracking noise overhead.

Uh oh…

Someone screamed as they fell. Rabbit caught them, of course, because some programming lasts beyond lifetimes. There was blue. And a lot of hair. And a crown. COOL!

“Who put that cavern there?” demanded the man.

“Y-y-y-you okay, m-m-mis-mister?”

He appeared to notice her. “Wow. You’re really hot.” A sharp-toothed grin. “And beautiful, too.”

Rabbit grinned back. Even with last century’s wig, she was pretty darn awesome. “Flat-t-t-tery might g-g-g-get you everywhe-where.”

“Are you a princess?” said the strange dude. “Please be a princess?”

“P-p-p-please. I have been a q-q-q-queen.”

And that was just where the trouble began.

When Hatchworth and The Spine finally caught up with her, Rabbit had melted the Ice King’s mountain fortress, and half of the Ice Kingdom, licked every last citizen of the Candy Kingdom and devoured the best part of three houses and a toffee car, destroyed the hearing of most of Ooo by jamming with Marceline and finally began a very interesting love affair with Beemo.


“I knew it was a bad idea to leave you to your own devices,” sighed The Spine as he dragged her away.

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Warning: epileptic trees ahead

I love Adventure Time. So do Mayhem and Chaos. And, being the overthinker that I am, I just had to concoct my own timeline based on things I’d picked up from the show.

Brace yourself. A wall of text is coming:

Dec 21 2012 happens with a surprising lack of disasters, quietly ushering out the Age of Science and welcoming the new Age of Magic.

May 2014 Simon Petrikov unearths the Enchiridion and some other artefacts of magic potential. He

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