Free stories every day!

I am a writer. I write stories. I like fanfic, but I’d love to write stuff that belongs in my pet universe, centered around Amalgam Station and a shapeshifter called Rael.

Time is literally money. The most common kind of species is saurian, but humans are everywhere.

They are the one species that has been universally declared insane.

Life is strange. It’s going to get stranger. Send a non-universe-specific prompt in my ask or submissions box and you’ll gain a glimpse inside the reality I’m going to be spending some significant time on in the future.

However, if a new reality isn’t your speed, I’m willing to do an instant fanfic in any of the following realities:

Doctor Who
Girl Genius
X-Men (classic)
X-Men Evolution
Adventure Time
The Vorkosiverse
Star Trek (TOS, TNG, DS9)

And any and all crossover potentials.

The problem is, today, I have zero prompts in my in-box. I have nothing to go on.

So send in every loony idea you have. Just… one at a time, please.