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Steven Universe brain fart

The episode Monster Buddies got me thinking.

During the transformation sequence where the gem transforms into Centipeedle, it briefly takes a humanoid form.

All the monsters have gems. So do the Crystal Gems.

Maybe… Maybe the monsters are Gems who got corrupted by evil forces. Rose Quartz was trying to heal them…

Steven may be the anti corruption force the corrupted Gems need.

Warning: epileptic trees ahead

I love Adventure Time. So do Mayhem and Chaos. And, being the overthinker that I am, I just had to concoct my own timeline based on things I’d picked up from the show.

Brace yourself. A wall of text is coming:

Dec 21 2012 happens with a surprising lack of disasters, quietly ushering out the Age of Science and welcoming the new Age of Magic.

May 2014 Simon Petrikov unearths the Enchiridion and some other artefacts of magic potential. He

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