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Saturday, Easter Shenanigans

All four days of this holiday are Feast Days. Simply so I don't keep bitching about what I can and can't have for nomnoms.

We need to get more kitty fodder, and that may be happening today. We also need to recycle all the bottles and cans we've been collecting and I have NO CLUE when that's meant to happen.

Real Soon Now is a very nebulous concept.

I have started on level seven of 23 of the seecondary campaign for my players. Almost one third done, and they're murdering their way through the primary campaign at the rate of knots.

I am coming up with shenanigans to waylay them, but we might be taking a break for other players to DM one-shots and shorts whilst I at LEAST get to level 18.

We shall see.

Streaming that is going to be "fun".

I will find a way.

In the meantime, story, sweets, and good times.