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Challenge #03300-I012: One Being's Torment...

On their world, theobromine is toxic. Extracted from plants that have it in its pods, as the prisoners are dipped into that vat of brown syrup, screams are elicited as the prisoner slowly poisoned to death in a vat of pain. The toxins creating agony before the being dies.

This prisoner, the human, was sentenced to be dropped in the vat. Why? To show all other humans that they were not going to be joking around when it came to the lengths they'll go to overtake their kind. The cage floor opens and they are in dropped down into the vat, only for the human to suddenly grin with delight and start eating at a furious pace and asking if the whole thing about taking them over was a joke. Oh, and can they have more chocolate after this batch is gone, too?? -- Anon Guest

[AN: I tried to find out if theobromine was a contact poison, I failed.]

Human Dax woke up with a splitting head. She stumbled her way to the water fountain and took a drink before realising, "Hey. This isn't the Bumbling Bampot..."

This was, in fact, a cage. A cell. which was now in motion.

Key factors made themselves known to Dax, such as the fact that the mesh floor was on a hinge. Or that all in-unit facilities were firmly attached to the walls. Or that heavy machinery abounded in this space. Or that all she was wearing was her Skins, and the mesh floor was starting to hurt.

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Erastide! Happy Chocolate Day!

Dawn is spreading over the countryside and, were it not for the heinous fuckshittery on the news, I could believe that peace on earth and goodwill towards fellow humans might be possible.

But this morning of the hope of rebirth and renewal, we have:

  • The Muppet claiming that a virus cannot be defeated by antibiotics. When the whole world knows that antibiotics only work against bacteria.
  • The Muppet fixating on his TV ratings rather than anything related to combatting the plague sweeping
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Well... I don't really know. Not for sure. Beloved has been plying the house with all sorts of carb-loaded treats for the holiday, so my Monday will likely be spent on a fast. Or mopping up the sad remains of whatever carbs happen to be left over. I haven't made up my mind, yet.

But, given that I have that inflammation stiffness in my throat that usually means a saline dose on Max... I'm putting my money on 'fast'. Asthma is a

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Challenge #01838-E014: Hour of Need

It had been a hard day today, she Needed chocolate! -- Anon Guest

So. Let's recap. Best beloved and most capable person in the house arrested for a crime they couldn't possibly commit. On a day when she had needed to run around between four different destination, with stops on the way to pick up whatever. And stops at the bank to get her running money for the week because their mutual funds had been frozen and their family still needed to

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Indulgance Day

Today is my day to go ham on the Guylian while they still remain. I've left a few for my little darlings, but once they're gone, they're gone.

Alas, delicious chocolate, I enjoyed it well.

Of course I saved the last Original Praline for the final taste of Guylian for my immediate future.

Today, after I'm done with my Instant and Blasts scheduling, I shall probably be spending a majority of my time with Beloved on WoW. It's our together time and

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Okay, so sugar and lots of it does really terrible things to me. I have learned this now.

Following a breakfast of a Lindt dark choc bunny, a Guylian sampler1 and some sugar-free creaming soda... I had asthma, loose stools, and trouble staying upright.

At least until we headed off to Maccas for lunch for some grease-burgers and, in my case, the promisingly disgusting Cadbury Cream Egg McFlurry. It was actually more of a sundae with caramel sauce and definitely-not-cadbury-flakes on

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Happy Easter, everyone!

It's my morning habit to wake early, and this time, it's held me in good stead. I crept around the house like a thief in the pre-dawn light, delivering sugary goodness in the shape of bunnies and eggs.

Of course, Easter Sunday is a feast day. Which means that a majority of the family can indulge in all the carbage they could dream of. But just for the day.

Beloved has a rationable supply of chocolate, the lighter portions of which will

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Another party survived

This time, I went to a family gathering and did not get slammed on. Yay. All the major players in the Nutter-slamming contest were busy with other things. I'm sure the present helped :D

I also ate way too much chocolate for my own good. That said, there's three states of chocolate: Not enough chocolate, enough chocolate, and tomorrow's chocolate.

There's no such thing as too much chocolate.

There might be such a thing as too much driving. Beloved had intestinal problems,

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