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Feast Day

A 2-post collection

Apologies and PLNs

First up, I forgot to publish yesterday's free story teaser. Whoops. Y'all knew about it from Facebook, Tumblr, Medium, Twitter, and Pillowfort anyhow. Right?

Well. Not Pillowfort, because it's still in Beta and I have zero followers. If you're on there, please follow me. Soon as it's properly released, I'll add the link over on my site menu.

I got a bad review for Comes Around. I missed the mark in big ways, according to them. Their opinion. And face it, what can you expect for a free story? They're not all winners.

I tried. This year, I failed. So what.

I started 'painting' the cover for Beauties and the Beastly. I should post another progress video, shouldn't I?

But today... I'm posting my Instant, and then I'm taking the family out for a feast day. All the carbs we can stand. Starting with a breakfast from Maccas and finishing with cake and spray cream and fizzy drinks.

I have planned this day for a year. I'm going to enjoy myself and screw the consequences.

But first... what little work I have to do, today.


Okay, so sugar and lots of it does really terrible things to me. I have learned this now.

Following a breakfast of a Lindt dark choc bunny, a Guylian sampler1 and some sugar-free creaming soda... I had asthma, loose stools, and trouble staying upright.

At least until we headed off to Maccas for lunch for some grease-burgers and, in my case, the promisingly disgusting Cadbury Cream Egg McFlurry. It was actually more of a sundae with caramel sauce and definitely-not-cadbury-flakes on

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