Feast Day

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Saturday Feast Day

I have had a lazy morning, not even getting out of bed before nine. Gorging myself on some remaining carbohydrates.

The news is full of false claims by the Muppet about how excellent he is, instantly followed by fact checks that say, actually no he isn't. The lack of cases in the US is directly related to the lack of testing.

So in the continuing clusterfuck, the news about the plague itself goes thus:

  • The virus can persist on surfaces for 24 hours
  • Children under ten can remain asymptomatic because something protects them from that nonsense, but NOT from catching (and carrying) the plague
  • The plague tends to linger in public transit or mass transit containers [trains, busses, lifts, etc]

Meanwhile people with guns are "peacefully" protesting the lockdown in varying areas of the USA. It's like the Muppet wants his loyal followers to ignore every single caution so the economy can get back on its feet. That's going to bite him in the arse come November for sure. Assuming it doesn't implode way before then.

May has only just started and the only countries without internal plague problems are the ones with the strictest lockdowns. New Zealand and South Korea. That's it. TWO. Out of howevertheheck many other nations in the world. Switzerland - usually the bastion of good firkin sense, doesn't give a shit and likely won't give a shit until most of the population is struck low by the plague.

Heaven save us from the consequences of willful ignorance.

Apologies and PLNs

First up, I forgot to publish yesterday's free story teaser. Whoops. Y'all knew about it from Facebook, Tumblr, Medium, Twitter, and Pillowfort anyhow. Right?

Well. Not Pillowfort, because it's still in Beta and I have zero followers. If you're on there, please follow me. Soon as it's properly released, I'll add the link over on my site menu.

I got a bad review for Comes Around. I missed the mark in big ways, according to them. Their opinion. And face it, what

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Okay, so sugar and lots of it does really terrible things to me. I have learned this now.

Following a breakfast of a Lindt dark choc bunny, a Guylian sampler1 and some sugar-free creaming soda... I had asthma, loose stools, and trouble staying upright.

At least until we headed off to Maccas for lunch for some grease-burgers and, in my case, the promisingly disgusting Cadbury Cream Egg McFlurry. It was actually more of a sundae with caramel sauce and definitely-not-cadbury-flakes on

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