Feast Day

A 16-post collection

Saturday, Day 0, Feast Day

Plague News: Six new cases, all imports. There's twenty-four total active cases, sixteen of those are in hospital. Australia's at 92.7% first vax, 87.7% fully vaxxed. Queensland's kind of neck-and-neck for last place with WA. We have 87.0% first vax, 77.7% fully vaxxed, while WA is at 87.2% first vax, 77.2% fully vaxxed.

I have carbs to consume today, part of a map to build in TaleSpire (ugh), and some delightful farting about to do today.

I have nothing planned and I want to enjoy it.

The crisis of No Money is keeping us at home today and I, for one, am glad. No aural assaults by relentless Crimbolio carols, no dealing with the hordes of zombie shoppers, no fending off the panic-shoppers. Yay. Just hunkering and bunkering with my boo.

In the news:

  • Tragic backstory for missing 20YO
  • Omicron hitting the kids hard
  • Parents of school shooter try running away
  • Wild weather in the cards
  • Booze may dry up before Crimbolio. Oh no, says the person allergic to alcohol, how can I enjoy my holidays sober?
  • Disney ride closed for being too scary
  • Five seconds after a homeless person wins Capitalism because crypto, experts call for crypto to be banned

Story now. Nonsense for the rest of the day.

Saturday, Day 0, PLNs

Plague News: One new case, an import. There's seven total active cases, six of those are in hospital. Australia's at 91% first vax, 84.6% fully vaxxed. Queensland is just pulling ahead of WA, at 84% first vax, and 72.6 fully vaxxed.

Today, I indulge. I didn't see any cake yesterday, so we gotta get into it today. I'm going to indulge for sure.

I might get into TaleSpire. I might write more of my terrible Tiefling tale. I am going

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Saturday, Day 0, Bread Secundis

Plague news: Two new cases, one of each. Forty-three total active cases, twenty seven are in hospital and one's in the ICU.

My wholemeal bread's been in the fridge all night and is now both thawing and rising in the bread incubator. I've been working with Ingrid, this week. Which is kind of fun because Beloved has taken a little dab of Ingrid to grow their starter.

We're calling it "Ingrid Secundis" aka Is-ie. When we're not calling it "the pet".


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Saturday, Day 0, Map-making

Plague news: One new case, locally transmitted. Forty-eight total cases, forty-four in hospital and two in the ICU.

I will for sure be making at least one full map from the campaign book today. Other than that, my day is my own to enjoy.

In the news:

  • Olympics nonsense
  • More hotspots in Victoria
  • Caitlyn Jenner has come to Australia to run a reality show. Refuses to feel bad about the Aussies still stranded OS
  • More hotspots in NSW
  • Britney Spears' mother speaks
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Saturday, Day 0, Fun Feast?

Plague news: Five new cases, three local and two imports.

Masks are mandatory, so when I emerge from my rock to gain ice cream, I shall have my purple polkadot ppe on. Delta strain may have been spread in Queensland and this is now yikes territory.

I forgot to feed my Starters yesterday, but I got onto it this morning, so they should be fine.

In the news:

  • One country is facing a huge Delta outbreak
  • Statue of Lady Di continues to
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Saturday, Day 0, Feast Days - Plural

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and there may or may not be cake because budget. There's three new cases, all imports. Twenty total and seventeen in hospital. Possibly three pending. Today should be my feast day but I'm wondering about putting it on hold for all the familial carbs coming tomorrow.

Time will tell, but I will probably buckle and get into my stash. Because carbs are tasty. I shall pay the price on Monday. For sure.

Not looking at the news. Getting

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Saturday, Day 0, Overindulgence

I've already had noodles. I've already had some peanut brittle. I've had too much lolly water and I'm feeling a little nauseated. Blah.

I have eleven hours to write one story. Bet it takes me all of that to get it done. I spent all of yesterday doing all my various bits of work. I got it done all the same.

There's a parcel on the way and, given the shenanigans with this one, I'm thinking of ordering the next Grand Prize

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Saturday, Day 0, Feast Day

There's two new cases and a total of forty active cases. I saw one piece of news where Brisbane Hospital is on lockdown because a nurse got infected. ...yaaaayyy...

So close to hiding behind my mask again and getting that Plague Doctor cosplay after all...


There's no noodles and no sugary goopy ice cream, so my PLNs include a short trip to the carb shops to get myself some treats.

But first, the news:

  • Meghan Markle apparently playing 3D Chess with
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Saturday, Day 0, SLOTH AHOY

I hit my 3K this week with words to spare. Yay. So I am rewarding myself with at least one entire day with carbs and farting about. I spent my irresponsibility money [Yule gift] on (1) A weird pillow, and (2) A Steam Gift Card.

I have already bought the Untitled Goose Game. I'm going to give some blobby humanoid figures a very fowl day at some point in the future. MHUAHAHAHAA...

My majority plns include global and perhaps stellar domination in

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Saturday, Day Zero, Nonsense

Three new cases, but the total is down to eleven and all cases are from overseas. There's outbreaks in Sydney and once again the Queensland borders are closed.


I'm picking MeMum up on Yulemas Eve. A day that shall also include some tech support nonsense to help with apps and other malarky. Everyone wants everyone to use the app these days and MeMum is an old-school luddite who has only just recently got used to googling stuff.

Sorry, Mum, but it's

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Saturday, Day One, I should try to chill

The spreader case in Adelaide once again employed the "genius" tactic of lying to the track and trace people. Something he would not be punished for because that sort of bullshit is still not a crime.

The fuck?


I finished KOSBOB and am veering away from anything at all related to looking at novel writing until after the week is done, and even then I'm seeing how I feel about it by then.

I'm waiting for the fire in my heart

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Saturday - Day One

No new cases. I breathe. I also continue to count down for the last week of Brisbane's anti-lockdown protests causing more lockdown. China continues to show how strong it is by threatening the entire world around it and the Muppet continues to be an idiot in regards to maintaining his hold on his tinfoil crown.

He's been called out repeatedly on just letting US citizens die so he could reap the rewards from the market boost.

It's all a clusterfuck. I have

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Saturday - Day One!

Finally and at last. One. DAY. With zero nonsense from the Karen Squad, anyone related to the Karen Squad, or anyone within six degrees of anything the Karen Squad might have breathed on.

I still remember when we were within two days of Day Fourteen. All the same, this morning's news. is a relief from all the Day Zeroes that have been happening.

Here's to many more days of no plague.

Yesterday had me all over everywhere. I learned about ReTurn -

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Saturday Feast Day

I have had a lazy morning, not even getting out of bed before nine. Gorging myself on some remaining carbohydrates.

The news is full of false claims by the Muppet about how excellent he is, instantly followed by fact checks that say, actually no he isn't. The lack of cases in the US is directly related to the lack of testing.

So in the continuing clusterfuck, the news about the plague itself goes thus:

  • The virus can persist on surfaces for 24
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Apologies and PLNs

First up, I forgot to publish yesterday's free story teaser. Whoops. Y'all knew about it from Facebook, Tumblr, Medium, Twitter, and Pillowfort anyhow. Right?

Well. Not Pillowfort, because it's still in Beta and I have zero followers. If you're on there, please follow me. Soon as it's properly released, I'll add the link over on my site menu.

I got a bad review for Comes Around. I missed the mark in big ways, according to them. Their opinion. And face it, what

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