Feast Day

A 22-post collection

Saturday, Feast Shenanigans

Beloved has PLANS for today. Plans that include waffles and nonsense with sugar. Which is the best kind of nonsense.

Lighter Bag Quest is probably on the schedule.

My wrists are rested enough to write, but it's probably not on my schedule. If anything gets done, I will count it as a win.

Carrying my shit with me is becoming a Problem. Bum bags cause bruising on my hips. Shoulder bags do my shoulders in. Backpacks inevitably cause hassles. And the good old tote now causes my wrists to complain.

I am honestly considering a light cotton vest with large enough pockets, but... (a) those don't exist, (b) they are bait for pickpockets, (c) I don't think there's a pocket big enough for my glasses case, and (d) I'd probably get shoulder trouble again.

My other option is a "gun holster" hip bag, which we'd have to order online.

It's going to be fun finding out what the hell the solution is.

But for now, there is always another story.

Saturday, Feast Day Out

Beloved is connecting with fellow LGBTIAQ+ people. In Mount Gravatt. So we have a smidge of a hustle to get there.

Fun times.

BUT also community is a good thing and I have to see if my nonbinary self is gatekept out of there. No hard feels. I kind'a feel a little bit like a poser when others have bigger problems.

Maybe I'll find someone else there who's also Gender Meh. Gotta give it a chance.

And now I have to get

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Saturday, Feast Day, Health Update

For those of you following the generic soap opera that is my life... it turns out that Beloved's diabetes medication and the Keto lifestyle do not mix.

We're going to have to make sure she has carbs enough to deal with the meds. Or get off the meds and stay on the keto. Whichever is best for her.

We know what it is. Great. We know why it is. Fantastic. I currently have no idea how long it's going to take to

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Saturday, Feast day PLNs

It's raining. Still. I got myself good and soaked in the process of cleaning the catio, yesterday. There I have zero plans to even glimpse towards the outside. I shall be streaming in my pajambles.

I stream in my pajambles on weekends anyway. No great deal.

I have perfected the art of the keto powder. Huzzah. The instructions on the container call for two hundred millilitres of liquid. Here's how I win at it:

  • 100 ml hot water
  • ~30 ml coconut milk
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Saturday, Day 0, FEAST!

Plague news:

  • 16 031 new cases
  • 86 036 total active cases
  • 855 hospitalisations
  • 54 in the ICU
  • 13 new deaths
  • 7 460 total cases in First Nations people

Vax news:

  • 353 190 national doses
  • 62 641 Qld doses
  • 9 528 ACT doses
  • 103 345 NSW doses
  • 3 132 NT doses
  • 26 67 SA doses
  • 6 862 Tas doses
  • 94 720 Vic doses
  • 46 315 WA doses

I am planning to do Nothing today and thoroughly enjoy it. Lots of carbs, maybe a

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Saturday, Day 0, Feast and Mowing!

Plague News: EIGHT fucking new cases. EIGHT. Kraz frakkin dangit. Four local, five imports??? That totals as NINE, dear government site where I get my info. There's allegedly forty-four active cases, twenty-five of those are in hospital. [Maybe tomorrow, the government website will learn BASIC MATH] Australia's at 93% first vax, 88.9% fully vaxxed. Queensland's barely edged out of last place in the great fully vaxxed race at 88% first vax, 80.6% fully vaxxed.

I am now a little bit

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Saturday, Day 0, Feast Day

Plague News: Six new cases, all imports. There's twenty-four total active cases, sixteen of those are in hospital. Australia's at 92.7% first vax, 87.7% fully vaxxed. Queensland's kind of neck-and-neck for last place with WA. We have 87.0% first vax, 77.7% fully vaxxed, while WA is at 87.2% first vax, 77.2% fully vaxxed.

I have carbs to consume today, part of a map to build in TaleSpire (ugh), and some delightful farting about to do today.

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Saturday, Day 0, PLNs

Plague News: One new case, an import. There's seven total active cases, six of those are in hospital. Australia's at 91% first vax, 84.6% fully vaxxed. Queensland is just pulling ahead of WA, at 84% first vax, and 72.6 fully vaxxed.

Today, I indulge. I didn't see any cake yesterday, so we gotta get into it today. I'm going to indulge for sure.

I might get into TaleSpire. I might write more of my terrible Tiefling tale. I am going

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Saturday, Day 0, Bread Secundis

Plague news: Two new cases, one of each. Forty-three total active cases, twenty seven are in hospital and one's in the ICU.

My wholemeal bread's been in the fridge all night and is now both thawing and rising in the bread incubator. I've been working with Ingrid, this week. Which is kind of fun because Beloved has taken a little dab of Ingrid to grow their starter.

We're calling it "Ingrid Secundis" aka Is-ie. When we're not calling it "the pet".


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Saturday, Day 0, Map-making

Plague news: One new case, locally transmitted. Forty-eight total cases, forty-four in hospital and two in the ICU.

I will for sure be making at least one full map from the campaign book today. Other than that, my day is my own to enjoy.

In the news:

  • Olympics nonsense
  • More hotspots in Victoria
  • Caitlyn Jenner has come to Australia to run a reality show. Refuses to feel bad about the Aussies still stranded OS
  • More hotspots in NSW
  • Britney Spears' mother speaks
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Saturday, Day 0, Fun Feast?

Plague news: Five new cases, three local and two imports.

Masks are mandatory, so when I emerge from my rock to gain ice cream, I shall have my purple polkadot ppe on. Delta strain may have been spread in Queensland and this is now yikes territory.

I forgot to feed my Starters yesterday, but I got onto it this morning, so they should be fine.

In the news:

  • One country is facing a huge Delta outbreak
  • Statue of Lady Di continues to
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Saturday, Day 0, Feast Days - Plural

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and there may or may not be cake because budget. There's three new cases, all imports. Twenty total and seventeen in hospital. Possibly three pending. Today should be my feast day but I'm wondering about putting it on hold for all the familial carbs coming tomorrow.

Time will tell, but I will probably buckle and get into my stash. Because carbs are tasty. I shall pay the price on Monday. For sure.

Not looking at the news. Getting

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Saturday, Day 0, Overindulgence

I've already had noodles. I've already had some peanut brittle. I've had too much lolly water and I'm feeling a little nauseated. Blah.

I have eleven hours to write one story. Bet it takes me all of that to get it done. I spent all of yesterday doing all my various bits of work. I got it done all the same.

There's a parcel on the way and, given the shenanigans with this one, I'm thinking of ordering the next Grand Prize

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Saturday, Day 0, Feast Day

There's two new cases and a total of forty active cases. I saw one piece of news where Brisbane Hospital is on lockdown because a nurse got infected. ...yaaaayyy...

So close to hiding behind my mask again and getting that Plague Doctor cosplay after all...


There's no noodles and no sugary goopy ice cream, so my PLNs include a short trip to the carb shops to get myself some treats.

But first, the news:

  • Meghan Markle apparently playing 3D Chess with
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Saturday, Day 0, SLOTH AHOY

I hit my 3K this week with words to spare. Yay. So I am rewarding myself with at least one entire day with carbs and farting about. I spent my irresponsibility money [Yule gift] on (1) A weird pillow, and (2) A Steam Gift Card.

I have already bought the Untitled Goose Game. I'm going to give some blobby humanoid figures a very fowl day at some point in the future. MHUAHAHAHAA...

My majority plns include global and perhaps stellar domination in

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