A Grand Day In

A 2-post collection

Saturday, Crash'd PLNs

There was going to be an LGBTIPAQ+ social event today, but it was cancelled because flooding. "Yay".

To ameliorate the disappoint, we are having a grand day in. We shall make the luxury hot chocolate and have cupcakes and watch Our Flag Means Death together. Maybe have a spa bath sometime close to the evening.

Just a lazy day at home. Nothing planned. An enjoyable nothing, but nothing nonetheless.

IF we stir from the bedchamber, I might be building more of Level Eight of Twenty-three. I'm almost done. I can hope that I can get that much done in the afternoon.

But for now, it is storytime.

Saturday, Feast day PLNs

It's raining. Still. I got myself good and soaked in the process of cleaning the catio, yesterday. There I have zero plans to even glimpse towards the outside. I shall be streaming in my pajambles.

I stream in my pajambles on weekends anyway. No great deal.

I have perfected the art of the keto powder. Huzzah. The instructions on the container call for two hundred millilitres of liquid. Here's how I win at it:

  • 100 ml hot water
  • ~30 ml coconut milk
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