Saturday, Feast day PLNs

It's raining. Still. I got myself good and soaked in the process of cleaning the catio, yesterday. There I have zero plans to even glimpse towards the outside. I shall be streaming in my pajambles.

I stream in my pajambles on weekends anyway. No great deal.

I have perfected the art of the keto powder. Huzzah. The instructions on the container call for two hundred millilitres of liquid. Here's how I win at it:

  • 100 ml hot water
  • ~30 ml coconut milk [I eyeball it]
  • top up the rest with cream
  • add the keto powder and vigorously stir in.

This is now part of my morning self-care routine. Alongside the coffee, vegemite soup, supplements and B-complex drink.

I have starters to feed, and a stash of sweet carbage to keep me going for the day.

I shall be streaming soon, A feat made slightly more complicated by the fact that Jolie is using my left hand as a pillow.