Saturday, Day 0, Bread Secundis

Plague news: Two new cases, one of each. Forty-three total active cases, twenty seven are in hospital and one's in the ICU.

My wholemeal bread's been in the fridge all night and is now both thawing and rising in the bread incubator. I've been working with Ingrid, this week. Which is kind of fun because Beloved has taken a little dab of Ingrid to grow their starter.

We're calling it "Ingrid Secundis" aka Is-ie. When we're not calling it "the pet".

Today's PLN includes bread, another stream, one more month of tags and one more board for the campaign. Seven done, six to go.

In the news:

  • AstraZeneca kills thousands! Not because of side effects, but by scarelore spread by the news. Stay classy,
  • Olympic shenanigans, including the fact that athletes are expected to sacrifice their health and mental welbeing for a national brag token that will then be forgotten as soon as they can no longer perform
  • Simone Biles has some hot goss about that
  • ScoMo reveals vax hurdles
  • Blood clot risk from the vax is higher if you've already had the plague. Maybe test for antibodies before a jab?
  • Hotspots hurt property values
  • Long Covid is now called PACS and it's hurting thousands. I'll get back to you on the acronym because memory of concussed whelk
  • Woman scammed for $250K by alleged kidnappers. Yeah, it's a variant of the Spanish Prisoner
  • Knomira in Aldi deliberately spaces out their wares on the conveyor so they have "time to pack". Stay classy. Just bundle everything in the trolley like everyone else and use the firkin counters that are THERE FOR YOU TO USE. LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Firkin Knomiras inconveniencing everyone else for their selfish alleged needs

I shall now prep for stream. Huzzah. Maybe I shall catch you there.