Challenge #03109-H201: A Walking Holiday in Rainbow Park

A Human takes their Havenworlder friends to Earth to walk through a beautiful park where the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom. Lining the path are beautiful lilac bushes, also blooming, and not far from there are early blooming apple trees. A lovely garden of flowers surrounding them on a warm, early, summer afternoon. -- Anon Guest

It was a cascade of colour. Pink and blue and primrose too. Some of that colour was literally cascading downwards with every gentle breeze. There were scents, too. Soft and sweet and evidently appealing to the insects buzzing or flitting about.

"Just a reminder," said Human Kaz. "Don't try to eat the butterflies." He pointed out a pair of colourful wings.

Piflithid Sar paused with their mouth open, closing it cautiously. "Deathworlder insects are toxic, yes?"

"Some are, yes. These ones are just expensive. There's a butterfly farm that's only partially sponsored by the bee colony... Oh. And watch out for the hummingbirds. They get territorial near anything that matches their colour scheme."

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