Sunday, Day 0, Lockdown Unyay

Plague news: Delta's in Queensland. We're in a three-day lockdown which may extend depending on the behaviour of the Knomiras. Seven new cases, six local, one import. Forty-six total active cases, twenty-nine in hospital and one in the ICU

Monday and Tuesday are hermitting days. I don't know what's happening vis-a-vis house unfuckening. We shall see.

I will probably insist on masks back on -_-

The news of lockdown hit me yesterday, after Beloved dragged me from the house to secure pet fodder and some little bits and bobs from the shops. We were having a breakfast indulgence at the coffee place, and by the time we got into Little Woolies, the place was PACKED with panic shoppers. We had to divide our spoils in twain to get through the 15-item checkout.

At least nobody went bonkers with the TP.

In the news:

  • Olympics
  • Missing link in QLD outbreak sought
  • Girl pregnant at 12 to man literally twice her age, mum throws baby shower, police arrest mum & man
  • 1 bed home sells for $3.2 million
  • New tourist attraction in London is a disappointing mound of dirt
  • Supposed anti-lockdown protest ends in a no-show

Stream as soon as Tale Foundry ends.