Challenge #03110-H202: Friendship Formed With Rock

You want someone who can protect you, go to a human-made space station. There are so many there that can't throw a rock without hitting a strong protector! -- Anon Guest

Okie should not have tested the literality of that statement. In their thin defense, the rock was small and her throwing arm was not as significant as the Deathworlders present in Bahydawiyal Station. The pebble sailed up into the ambient atmosphere, arced according to the laws of physics, and landed on someone in the crowd. Someone who immediately objected.

The angry Human could easily make four of Okie even without the livesuit carapace protecting most of them from random happenstance. They and their livesuit were battle-scarred, filthy, and looking pretty darn tired with life in general and whatever this was in particular.

"Did you just flakkin' throw a rock at me?" demanded the angry Human, who was just now adapting to the fact that Okie was very small and pretty darn vulnerable and in the middle of a station full of Deathworlders. If one had very special senses, one could hear the Human rapidly changing mental gears. "You really gotta be careful with stuff like this."

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