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Wednesday - Day Zero - Mor Shenanigans

THREE new cases from overseas and the odds of One Arsehole are increasing. It also means that there are more and more people with the plague attempting to reach areas without. That is, as I have previously stated, how you spread the plague.

One arsehole can shit on everything for everyone.

Election is happening in the USA and no matter who wins, the right wing will be firing upon the left wing. The only real difference is whether the ones with guns will be wearing MAGA hats or Police Uniforms.

I want the aliens to abduct me. I can get used to all the anal probes they want to do. I can NOT, and emphatically refuse to, get used to fascism existing in this world.

It's almost Bus O'clock as I write this, and I'm scared to look at the headlines. I'm going to pay no attention to the source of all strife, today.

  • Melbourne Cup's only female jockey under fire. Is it sexism or is it because of the horse? It's sexism. This was literally her first race
  • Kid in Melbourne died while swimming with friend in a river
  • Plague shuts down Sydney restaurant after it flaunted the rules. Shocker
  • China continues to rattle sabres over trade. This time it's allegedly about crayfish
  • NSW set to open borders with Victoria
  • Yet another horse dies whilst running the Melbourne Cup
  • Some idiot shoots up Vienna, still at large
  • Woman slut-shamed for having cleavage showing on a plane. What, like she's going to distract the pilots somehow?
  • Musk actually delivering high-speed satellite internet to the world
  • QLD authorities looking for a croc with its mouth taped shut so they can rescue the poor thing before it starves
  • Commonwealth bank puts a freeze on forced home sales that were caused by Covid
  • Burger King UK sends customers to Maccas UK [and other fast food places] as a show of solidarity during lockdown
  • ScoMo caught out in double-standard of "it's okay when it's my mates doing it" during AusPost debacle.

And now I retreat from the outside world and write some pleasing nonsense. Huzzah.

Tuesday - Day Three

Today's the day of the duck march! This afternoon, Miss Chaos and I are taking a lot of time to fill out a huge form so we can start running the red tape to get Chaos on the NDIS.

I firkin hate red tape.

If I ran the world, it would be: Okay, you need help? Where do you need help? Cool. Let's get that arranged.

Of course paying for all this necessitates getting taxes "best citizen fees" from the super-wealthy, and

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Thursday - Day Two

Another day of zero cases, thank goodness. This morning's news feed on my phone had some dipshit from ASIO claiming that we should all do a "controlled burn" for herd immunity.

Dipshit doesn't understand how this plague works.

Fact: People are re-infected with the plague
Fact: People who survive are at risk of being chronically ill for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES
Fact: Though we have statistics on the death rate, we have NO statistics on the percentage of Long Haulers, and

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Sunday - Day Two

Hope blooms for me these school holidays. Maybe the Karen Squad has had enough of acting like entitled little brats and has actually grown a sense of consequence for their actions. There's still waiting until next Saturday to see if Brisbane's protests blow up.

In the news:

  • Victorians in the majority are staying at home and hating the people who keep protesting the ongoing lockdowns
  • Kmart now offers food storage solutions for $1
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of the bulwarks for womens'
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Indulgence, Sadness, and Nonsense

Tim Brooke-Taylor, one of the three Goodies and an essential part of my childhood, has succumbed to Covid-19. I can only hope that his passing was free of suffering.

So many people are losing friends and family and I'm here mourning a man I've never met. Similar things are happening all over the internet. People we've only known in memes are passing on and the news is being attached to those memes.

There's mass graves in New York, the supply chain is

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That's my schedule shot...

This morrow, early in the morning, both my Beloved and Mayhem had to scoot towards their workday. I had to drive Mayhem to the train station because Beloved lacked the time because Spring Carnival steals their days from now until just past November.

Mayhem doesn't think he needs to learn to drive -__-

It's easier now than it was a mere few decades ago. Like, you can get food delivered and such, but... living independently without a car? You gotta get

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Much though I love the concept of Fortnite, this dying compy couldn't quite handle it and the game kept crashing. So I gave up on it.

Which meant that Beloved has been playing exclusively with their brother.

Which left me feeling out in the cold.

Which means that my depression has come back to fight with me.


In the sarcastic sense of course.

Hope has arisen in the form of a patch which might mean that I can play too.


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Stuff and Nonse

Urgledy burgledy things are going gonzo. I neglected to mention that our fridge is actually deceased. It wasn't the seals. We need a new fridge.

And to pay for it, Beloved is using an installment plan of $50 per fortnight for eighteen months.

Mayhem really wants to spend some free fritter money on art supplies, and I know just the dollar shop to get the most value out of his cash.

BUT we have to wait for the fridge, which is arriving

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Very much broke again

(Argh) Christmas gift shopping happened. It's a very cheap year, this year. For limited definitions of "cheap". Beloved secured Mayhem's gift at quite some expense, and since we have an "equal worth" policy going on, Chaos may yet have some catching up to do.

We might not be able to do that, this year. Ah well.

And, as previously noted in this blog, all the adults are getting artisinal herb products in a pretty little gift basket, this year. I feel kind

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bogleech:melanijann:fandomsandfeminism:how-to-vidya: The evolution of girl gamers Boy gamers are so self-centered they act as though women...





The evolution of girl gamers

Boy gamers are so self-centered they act as though women haven’t been playing video games for decades, and then act horrified when the female gamers who have always been there actually become visible and vocal about the rampant misogyny that has infected the gaming world. 

Like seriously, how entitled do you have to be that women saying “it sure would be nice if I wasn’t treated like shit while enjoying the

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magnius159:Police Killing of Unarmed Native American Continues To Receive Little Media AttentionThe tragic case of Corey Kanosh, 35, has...


Police Killing of Unarmed Native American Continues To Receive Little Media Attention

The tragic case of Corey Kanosh, 35, has received very little media attention, in spite of the growing outrage over police shootings of unarmed, innocent citizens. In Corey’s case, we are not dealing with an African American man shot by white cops, but an unarmed Native American man who was suspected of crimes that he was later proven innocent of, who was given only seconds before police opened

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somefancyname:somefancyname:Things that should exist: ~magic ~time travel ~fictional characters ~superpowers ~talking pets ~magic...



Things that should exist:

~time travel
~fictional characters
~talking pets
~magic potions

Things that shouldn’t exist:


It is inspiring to know that over 1,000 people believe in the same ideology.

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thesylverlining:socialjusticekoolaid:Ferguson is everyday, and it seems like everyday we're given a new reason to fight. Stay committed,...



Ferguson is everyday, and it seems like everyday we’re given a new reason to fight. Stay committed, stay strong, and, most of all, stay woke. #farfromover

I have literally not heard a single peep about Ferguson since November 24th from anywhere other than tumblr, twitter, and friends on Facebook. Social media is the only way the majority of people are going to hear anything, and especially without the racist spin from the mainstream news. The importance of this can’

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Baltimore Police Just Arrested Man Who Filmed The Freddie Gray Arrest


April 30, 2015 9:19 pm


Kevin Moore filmed the police brutally arresting Freddie Gray. That footage went viral and began all of the protests that have been flooding the streets of Baltimore and sweeping the nation ever since. Now, after claiming the police had been harassing and intimidating him after he went public with the footage, Kevin Moore and two members of Cop Watch, have been arrested tonight.

Moore said on Saturday that he is the man who filmed the

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