Stuff and Nonse

Urgledy burgledy things are going gonzo. I neglected to mention that our fridge is actually deceased. It wasn't the seals. We need a new fridge.

And to pay for it, Beloved is using an installment plan of $50 per fortnight for eighteen months.

Mayhem really wants to spend some free fritter money on art supplies, and I know just the dollar shop to get the most value out of his cash.

BUT we have to wait for the fridge, which is arriving sometime today. Even though the nice delivery people said "sometime between 9:30 and 12", I know for a fact that it generally means they might not get here before 2 in the afternoon.

Fingers crossed, all the same. The sooner we get a new fridge, the sooner I can have milk and other goodies stowed away where they are less likely to get manky. And by all accounts it's a very good new fridge.

And I will be glad to have it.

BUT it still cost four figures and AAAAAAAAAAUGH... That kind of expense is downright nasty.