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Thursday, Nebulous PLNs

I'm monitoring my food again. Mostly because I'm worried that I'm not eating right. Pretty certain the QPP will have my back and helpful hints as to how to improve.

Looking after myself is difficult. I have limited hours and so much to do. Getting up late and staying up later, then getting up even later.... It's a vicious cycle. Almost as bad as irrevocably waking up at fuckoff in the morning.

At least with the latter, it feels like I have more time in my days.

I've half-paid for my glasses and I have a dental appointment towards the end of the month. Lots of steep expenses in a row makes me panic about finances.

This, too, will pass.

Doesn't help my feelings during the process.

I shall get on with my offerings and the last side-project on my checklist. And hope to have some time to chill.

Tuesday, Optometrist and Expensive

I just finished the furforal for today. Stretchies, foot torture, and an appointment at the optometrist. Followed by fetching some meds and then retreating home.

Because new glasses cost four figures. Ooof.

The good news is that I can pay them off at our own speed. Starting tomorrow. By the time they're made, we should have enough to pay the rest.

[Should is not is, and I quietly fret]

I have a loaf proofing in the incubator and the ovens preheating. If

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Wednesday, Wordpress, Car Maintenance, and a Date

In one hour, allegedly, the nice ppl from Lube Mobile will turn up to service my car. Since it's no longer in warranty, this will be cheaper and take less time than going to Torque Ford. And that is why I am camped by the front door and listening for car noises.

This may or may not make me more effective at getting my offerings, but it will make the day a little more interesting.

The PLN, such as it is, goeth

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Stuff and Nonse

Urgledy burgledy things are going gonzo. I neglected to mention that our fridge is actually deceased. It wasn't the seals. We need a new fridge.

And to pay for it, Beloved is using an installment plan of $50 per fortnight for eighteen months.

Mayhem really wants to spend some free fritter money on art supplies, and I know just the dollar shop to get the most value out of his cash.

BUT we have to wait for the fridge, which is arriving

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