Tuesday, Optometrist and Expensive

I just finished the furforal for today. Stretchies, foot torture, and an appointment at the optometrist. Followed by fetching some meds and then retreating home.

Because new glasses cost four figures. Ooof.

The good news is that I can pay them off at our own speed. Starting tomorrow. By the time they're made, we should have enough to pay the rest.

[Should is not is, and I quietly fret]

I have a loaf proofing in the incubator and the ovens preheating. If things go well, I shall have two fresh-baked loaves cooling by bedtime.

I'm fighting off a Cyclone Headache again, a side effect of Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season that I could live without. The painkillers are working - sort of.

And in the meanwhile, my offerings are overdue.