Challenge #01087-B355: One Inconvenient Mid-morning in a Haunted House

"I sense a powerful presence in this house, a spirit of the restless dead, chained to this world..."

psychic opens eyes, sees 8 foot skeleton standing in the doorway, wearing an apron and holding a bowl of cake batter -- Anon Guest

There was a moment of perfect silence. The skeleton kept stirring the batter, but slowly. He had a pink apron on that featured a lacy edge and a large, pink heart on the chest.

"Er," said the psychic.

"You weren't supposed to be here until tomorrow," said the skeleton. "It is the fifteenth, right?"


"Yeah, you're supposed to be here tomorrow. This was going to be your consolation cake."

"Really? What flavour is it?"

"Red Velvet."

"Oooh, nice. Can I help you with the icing?"

The skeleton shrugged. "Eh. Sure. Why not. Name's Lewis, by the way."

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