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Challenge #01220-C125: A Return Visit


He keeps coming back... -- Anon Guest

Arthur saw him two weeks after his initial visit. He calmly collected the mail and, once inside, said something about it. "Hey, Lewis. You remember that cam guy who broke in a while back?"

"Yeah, he was trying to communicate with a Deadbeat. Why?"

"He's lurking in the foliage and watching the house."

Lewis, in the middle of a complicated recipe, groaned to himself. "If he's still there in half an hour, invite him in for tea. And... tell Vivi I said 'don't beat him up'."


Half an hour later...

"I was always worried that I was seeing things, you know?" said the cam guy. Better known as Brinkley. "I could always see and hear things that other people swore weren't real. And there's some history of insanity so... I had to check. I'm sorry I freaked out."

"Not a problem," said Lewis. He was wearing his human guise. "I get that a lot."

Brinkley's hands shook as he sipped his tea. "Do you... get a lot of break-ins?"

"No, not that many. Word gets around after the first few," breezed Vivi. "Arthur keeps one of the Deadbeats in his science shed."

"Yup," said Arthur. "It's amazing how much thefts have gone down since that started."

One of the smaller Deadbeats had long since lounged against Brinkley's lap, where it purred like a vaguely musical cat. Brinkley petted it tentatively. "So... I know I'm not crazy. Now what?"

"Actually, we know a guy who can help. Lives near New York, somewhere..." said Lewis.

"Salem," said Vivi.

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Challenge #01207-C112: Little and Fierce

http://squigglydigg.tumblr.com/post/141864716252/squigglydigg-control-yourself -- Gallifreya

Lewis was relatively easy to calm down. What there was of his fury ebbed quickly and his rational mind prevailed. And Vivi could always restrain him until he saw logic and reason.

Arthur lost count of the number of times that Vivi stopped Lewis from turning some unthinking lout without a brain-to-mouth bypass into grease.

She would begin with physically restraining him. Holding him back from the kind of confrontation that would end

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Challenge #01183-C088: When Lewis Met Vivi

http://artisticnutcase.tumblr.com/post/140991025332/the-scariest-part-about-this-isnt-the-ghost-its -- Gallifreya

Lewis didn't know what hit him until long after she had carried him away from the laboratory mishap. Nothing more than noxious smells, but they were lingering noxious smells that resulted in the entire wing shutting down so that cleaners in hazmat suits could get rid of them.

"Thanks," he managed, watching the greenish clouds leaking out of the building.

"Not a problem," said the girl. She had blue hair. And the kind

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Challenge #01180-C085: True Terror

http://sundence.tumblr.com/post/103574136375/its-a-vine-but-i-lost-it-xp-sorry-so-i-put-the -- Gallifreya

Things were not always sunshine and daisies in their home. There were still days, rare days now, when Lewis went into full Anger Mode and all his rage centred on Arthur.

Arthur had forgotten that today was the anniversary of Lewis' untimely demise, and turned a corner to find his favourite phantom in exactly the wrong state of mind. He initially screamed because that's what you do when an angry, eight-foot-tall ghost with

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Challenge #01179-C084: Musical Proposal

http://huppupbup.tumblr.com/post/140004561959/just-take-it -- Gallifreya

[AN: For those of you who've been living under a rock for the past five years or who've been avoiding Mystery Skulls Animated, Lewis' canonical last name is Pepper. He's the adopted son of two other Peppers who I've named Bel and Cayenne. There's no definitive names for the triplet sisters, so I'm going with Ebony, Ivory, and Chilli. (Black pepper, white pepper, chilli pepper...) Because theme naming is allegedly funny]

Vivi should

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Challenge #01176-C081: Free Spirits

Double day once again. Today's theme is This Old Haunted Mansion

1) The sceptic

2) The scaredycat -- Gallifreya


"Now I have about twenty-five years of experience with practical special effects and building haunted houses for fun parks... this place claims to have real phenomena. Let's take a good look and see what we can copy."

Lots of the phenomena in the house could, indeed, be copied with practical special effects. Where he fell over, though, was searching for the plane

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Challenge #01174-C079: In His Hands


there is also the audio version (which has some additions)

http://chisanaai.tumblr.com/post/123306425008 -- Anon Guest

Vivi couldn't remember the last time she had seen Arthur like this. Not even during the Unpleasant Time that had shattered her memories. He was cursing a streak. Pale and perspiring and shivering and occasionally retching. And driving with just one aim in mind. To get Out.

There was a nightmare, she had it a lot just

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Challenge #01142-C045: Once Upon a Haunted Discotheque

Dang look at this animation

http://shadowlillium.tumblr.com/post/138421460475 -- Gallifreya

[AN: You should watch. It's pretty awesome]

The old dance hall had a juke box. A relic of an attempt to increase customers whilst reducing DJ costs. And since it was electronic, Lewis could activate it with his ghost powers.

"Hey check this out," he said, five seconds before he did so.

Tom Jones' Sex Bomb began to play, and Lewis began to move. He altered his typical suit

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Challenge #01139-C042: One Fine Re-union in a Theatre

Phantom of the Opera parody, starring the flaming purple skeleghost -- Gallifreya

[AN: Skipping the double prompt because (a) foreign lands and far away from the overlap score (b) my time is limited]

"According to Google, this place isn't even here," said Arthur. "This might be a level O manifestation[1]."

Vivi seemed almost possessed. "I've been here before. I can feel it..."

"Yeah, a brand-new century-old abandoned theatre? I don't think so. Let's g-get out of here, Vivi."

"...vivi...?" whispered another

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Challenge #01128-C031: The Ghost is the Most

1) Logistical problems of a ghostly boyfriend

2) Mystery Skulls, meet Maestro Leopold (See the animatic for Magic, or if you prefer, substitute Bugs Bunny equivalent) -- Gallifreya

[AN: This puts the overlap down to 24. Plenty to go yet]


"The souflé!" Lewis shrieked, and flew straight for the kitchen.

Unfortunately for both him and Vivi, she was between him and the stove. Vivi shrieked, "Yaugh! Cold!"

Arthur, shedding oven mits, stepped aside to show the finished souflé. "I told you

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Challenge #01126-C029: The Camping Trip From Hell

Lewis and/or the other Mystery Skulls, attempting to cook with his fire powers -- Gallifreya

The downpour, unforecasted by the weather bureau, continued to thunder down diagonally.

"App still says it should be clear."

"The app can bite my non-corporeal ass," growled Lewis.

Arthur sat staring out of the plastic window, "Don't pack the primus," he said in a mocking falsetto, "the weather's going to be fine. We'll cook everything on a campfire. It'll be fun!"

"Okay," sighed Vivi. "So I

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Challenge #01118-C021: Benevolent Spirits

A child with a temporary tall, formally dressed, spooky friend. He has massive hands, a bone white head and....

  1. No face
  2. Flaming Purple hair -- Gallifreya

When the police finally found Velour, they didn't ask why she held one hand in the air, fingers curled as if they were gently grasping something. They did not question how a small child of four could have found her way out of the woods from the remote cabin where that sicko had her.

They just

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Challenge #01087-B355: One Inconvenient Mid-morning in a Haunted House

"I sense a powerful presence in this house, a spirit of the restless dead, chained to this world..."

psychic opens eyes, sees 8 foot skeleton standing in the doorway, wearing an apron and holding a bowl of cake batter -- Anon Guest

There was a moment of perfect silence. The skeleton kept stirring the batter, but slowly. He had a pink apron on that featured a lacy edge and a large, pink heart on the chest.

"Er," said the psychic.

"You weren't

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Challenge #01086-B354: Past, Present and Future

Lewis Pepper was a giant of a man, nine feet tall with really big hands...

(to get the reference, look up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEdM4iL3hK8 but beware earworms)

[AN: I have kids. Of firkin course I've seen Wreck-it Ralph. Plus (mumbleIactuallykindofenjoyallthepixarmoviesmumble)...]

Arthur had been aware of yet another shadow looming out of him, thus closing off his final avenue for escape. He knew he was going to get pounded for being a weak, skinny, undersized nerd. So he closed

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Challenge #01072-B340: Pursued Knowledge

Someone that can see, or at least somehow perceive, Lewis/the deadbeats and is determined to study them -- Gallifreya

A shot of the old haunted house. Then a mirror, in which someone was wearing a headcam.

"They've left the house," said the person. "This is my chance to investigate the phenomenon. I've been living in the neighbourhood and I've seen a few weird things. I know something else is in there. They never lock their doors so I'm going in."


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