Challenge #01180-C085: True Terror -- Gallifreya

Things were not always sunshine and daisies in their home. There were still days, rare days now, when Lewis went into full Anger Mode and all his rage centred on Arthur.

Arthur had forgotten that today was the anniversary of Lewis' untimely demise, and turned a corner to find his favourite phantom in exactly the wrong state of mind. He initially screamed because that's what you do when an angry, eight-foot-tall ghost with fire for hair is looking at you with murder in his dead eyes.

Then he remembered the wards etched into his flesh that protected him from such shenanigans and screamed because of the monster spider lazily cruising down from the ceiling.

"Spider!" Arthur shrieked.

Lewis' gaze shifted to the small arachnid that looked astonishingly like it was highly venomous, and some old instincts from his lifetime kicked in.

Mutual screaming ensued. Finishing with Arthur fleeing the scene with Lewis clutched tightly in his arms.

Vivi sighed and fetched the Spider Catching Cup and a sheet of paper. "Honestly," she tutted. "Why do I have to be in a relationship with two immense babies?"

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