Challenge #01207-C112: Little and Fierce -- Gallifreya

Lewis was relatively easy to calm down. What there was of his fury ebbed quickly and his rational mind prevailed. And Vivi could always restrain him until he saw logic and reason.

Arthur lost count of the number of times that Vivi stopped Lewis from turning some unthinking lout without a brain-to-mouth bypass into grease.

She would begin with physically restraining him. Holding him back from the kind of confrontation that would end with a murder charge. There would be a few phrases, of course. Based on the relative worth of the lout, whether or not they had time for trouble, and the vast number of things that were more important than smacking a lout around.

And it would always end with hand-holding and sighs of relief.

And on one occasion, the lout in question decided that insulting Lewis was more fun than insulting Vivi. Shortly after witnessing the previous exchange. That lout really should have known.

Always watch out for the little ones.

Arthur was glad he only saw it once. Vivi went from 'calm down, he isn't important' to 'raging ball of unrestrained fury' in less than a fraction of a second. It was pure luck on the lout's side that Lewis was able to seize her by the elbows and literally hold her off from attacking. And the invective that spewed from her mouth would make the bystanders believe she could also breathe fire.

Forget grease. Vivi was well capable of beating that loudmouth into vapour.

Arthur, meanwhile, took advantage of the distraction and did what he could to sabotage the lout's tech. Nobody talked smack about his friends and got away with it.

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