Birthday Embuggerance

Miss Chaos is turning eleven in a little over a week. Her fondest wish is to see Steam Powered Giraffe. That's more than a little beyond our means, right now.

The best I can do for her is to fill her iPad with as much Steam Powered Media as I can.

Her second prize, "purple sparkles", is going to manifest in some hand-crafted jewellery. As soon as I find something suitably purple and sparkly. Fellow relatives are welcome to find as many purple and sparkly things as they can.

I know for a fact that it takes too darned long to get anything over here from the SPG website [you're welcome to try though!].

Nothing has progressed in the international findings race. It's a weekend. If anything's shifting, it's going to be a miracle. Monday's the day to look for further bulletins.

This weekend, Mayhem and I are going to be working on Chaos' birthday gift and one of his school projects. He has to cook something and film it.

But first, we have to:

  1. Unfuck the kitchen
  2. Gather a complete list of ingredients for both pastry and filling
  3. Practice a little :D

And then it's on like Donkey Kong.

It's a five minute video, so the magic of editing might help there.

I am going to be a busy little Nutter.