It'S A Twofer!

A 5-post collection

Sunday, Twofer

I have done Game Night, I have done the Twofer stream. TaleFoundry cancelled because the host has Lurgi. Toasty has cancelled because a need to be kind to themself.

So I have most of Sunday free so I can take a napnap before PathFinder with the rainbow crew. Maybe.

I know what happens when I say I have the rest of the day free. Something comes to EAT that time. So I'm not saying it.

I have nothing further planned than fuckin' around.

So let's get those stories preserved and posted. Yay.

Sunday, Game Nite Twofer

Thanks to assorted shenanigans, I have two games going in a 24-hour period. One will be going a little bit late.

So it's therefore in my best interests to publish my daily offerings and then go the fuck to sleep for the rest of the day.

Let's see how great that goes for me. Luckily, I know where there's a spare caffeine tube.

Speaking of luck - I now have my OG good phone back! I also have a complete stock of

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Monday, Self-kindness

Good news! I was not arrested for existing whilst queer. The cops held both sides apart by like ten meters because they really like an easier job.

So the rainbow set yelled at them, and the TERF set decided to condescendingly pity us. Some of them danced to our chants and it was confusing until someone told me they were mocking us.

I thought they were digging our jams.

On the plus side, there were way more rainbow people than TERFs. Something

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Challenge #01176-C081: Free Spirits

Double day once again. Today's theme is This Old Haunted Mansion

1) The sceptic

2) The scaredycat -- Gallifreya


"Now I have about twenty-five years of experience with practical special effects and building haunted houses for fun parks... this place claims to have real phenomena. Let's take a good look and see what we can copy."

Lots of the phenomena in the house could, indeed, be copied with practical special effects. Where he fell over, though, was searching for the plane

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