Self Care

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Challenge #03418-I130: Look After Yourself

Ma scolds Wraithvine for making a very rare, for them, dangerous mistake. Fatigue can get to anyone. -- Lessons

It had been a long, long day of chaotic encounters in a Wild Magic Zone. Wraithvine, suitably frazzled and tired, had 'only' wanted to light hir pipe and smoke a little dandelion to calm hir nerves. Of such little things, big mistakes are made.

When ze came out of being an iron statue for a quarter of an hour, ze was face to furious face with Ma. "Have you learned a lesson or do I have to teach it to ye?"

Every single muscle in hir body was stiff. Hardly a surprise, all things considered. "I forgot," ze sighed. "Anybody could make that mistake."

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Friday, Self-care necessary

I did my wrists in by carrying a bag. Good gracious gravy, I am getting old. Lightening the load is going to be a PROCESS.

I have reduced what I need to a minimum, but the bag itself is still heavy. Blarg.

Lighter Bag Quest may be on, today. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I take very careful care of myself. Get help where I can, and otherwise take a breather from my three WIPs, dungeon building, and other shenanigans.

At least I

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Thursday, Beauty Regime

Beloved is also an enabling gremlin, as it turns out. She's convinced me to moisturise [I had a flaking face so yeah. I needed that] and I'm getting my nails done by pros today. Watch for the blood red nails and the gears on my middle fingers :D

Other shenanigans as shenanigans occur, belike. I will be learning Beloved's secrets of finding interesting things to go to, so help me blorb.

I will also learn what's involved with getting a kitty cam,

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Challenge #02526-F336: Every Good Boy Deserves Fondness

Hard to explain: basically this post. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I see the Terry Pratchett quote in that post. GNU.]

"So. You know about werewolves, right? Terrible curse, full moon, murder and devastation and all that shit?"

"I... think so. Um. Why are you leading me into your basement?" Gria grew increasingly alarmed as Thom lead her downstairs. "Why is your basement door made out of metal?" And from there to inside, "Why are there chains on the wall?"

"Babe... I'm a

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Challenge #02048-E224: Small Miracle in a Bathhouse

I will follow you to the ends of the Earth with only mild complaining -- TheDragonsFlame

[AN: Callback to this because I like the concept]

So many miracles happened in Wraithvine's wake. But then, one could expect that sort of thing from an actual wizard. For a start, Wraithvine could make a gesture and everyone would not see her as a Kobold any more. They would see a Halfling, or a Gnome, or a Dwarf, or an Elven or Human child. It

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Second Day to Take

Short version: The family wants extra time to slack off.

Long version: The next Jurassic Park movie is playing at freaking last and I'm fairly certain they also want to play loads of Factorio again.

I'm allowing it.

Monday, I will begin posting my Blasts manually. Mostly because, every time I do that, Streemian comes back to life again. And it's been more than a month of inertia on this.

I no longer have a novel to summarise, and that frees up

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I am taking a day

I need a day, so I'm taking one. Self-indulgent self-care is happening.

I'm doing this blog and my daily Instant of course but after that, I intend little more than faffing around and doing little at all that's productive.

Hot bubble bath, maybe a DVD or two on my 'to watch' list. And after that exhausting itinerary, a good long nap. After that, I may even leave the bedroom to mess around with a game or two.

It's the weekend. I am

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