Second Day to Take

Short version: The family wants extra time to slack off.

Long version: The next Jurassic Park movie is playing at freaking last and I'm fairly certain they also want to play loads of Factorio again.

I'm allowing it.

Monday, I will begin posting my Blasts manually. Mostly because, every time I do that, Streemian comes back to life again. And it's been more than a month of inertia on this.

I no longer have a novel to summarise, and that frees up some time in my day. As does having possession of a kick-arse grilling machine.

So I'm going to have time to post those things from now on. Just... not today. Because self-care is important care, and self-care includes having a totally self-indulgent day counts as self-care. Because family bonding and I really need a break.

And you keep getting free stories, so why should you be complaining?