Challenge #02048-E224: Small Miracle in a Bathhouse

I will follow you to the ends of the Earth with only mild complaining -- TheDragonsFlame

[AN: Callback to this because I like the concept]

So many miracles happened in Wraithvine's wake. But then, one could expect that sort of thing from an actual wizard. For a start, Wraithvine could make a gesture and everyone would not see her as a Kobold any more. They would see a Halfling, or a Gnome, or a Dwarf, or an Elven or Human child. It was so good that it even fooled Thief when she saw a mirror in a shop.

Wraithvine insisted on trying names on for size. As a ragged patch who looked like a child, they tried 'Waif', which was close enough to a description that it fit Thief. As a Gnome, she became Dawn. As a Dwarf, Agate. And finally, when she looked like a Halfling, she was called Tinglerang. But that didn't stop Thief from looking at her true reflection and still thinking of herself as Thief.

But baths? Thief could really get to enjoy baths. Baths, soft beds, and quality ale. These were the things that were the most miraculous to Thief. That and not being shot at for walking down the street. Thief... felt happy. And that was a big deal for her. And still, this functionally immortal wizard wanted to give Thief her fondest and sincerely humble dreams.

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