Oh dear...

I had a nice day of sloth. Alas, it got a little ruined by the fact that Mayhem's tummy troubles have returned and I never did see that higher-level quack about the magic medicine(tm).

Which Beloved yelled at me about.

Nevermind that Mayhem was effectively cured for a fucking fortnight. Or said he was cured.

The caveat to this is that the higher-level quack doesn't like operating outside of school hours, so it'll be a couple of weeks until we get to see them.

At least I know the meds to ask for.

And to ask for the next level up on this ladder of misery.

And to not let it slide because Mayhem says he's cured.

Meanwhile, I have this ache in my left calf that I can't figure out or make go away and I don't even know if it's worth complaining about and... urgh.

So much for a nice day to relax in. It got ruined.