Thursday, New Bread, and Trying to Relax

I have bread. Look:

[Shown here, two loaves on a black cooling rack on a black cooktop. One is in front of the other. The foremost loaf is golden-brown and smaller than the hindmost loaf, which is slightly burned on top]

Once again, my ability to make even halves of the dough have bitten me on the butt. I have PLNs to do better the next time.

Adjustments this time: Soaked the chia in the water for the dough creation. The result was a stickier experience in the dough making, and a stiffer dough. Even with 78% hydration.

The technique for incorporating chia'd water into flour has to be different, lest you wind up with the immovable gunk over your hands. I advise pushing the flour onto the chia mix, then pressing it into the chia mix, until the immovable gunk is defeated.

I'll be seeing if that works the next time I make some. If that doesn't work, I'll try half a cup of chia instead of a whole one.

By this process of experimentation, I shall make better bread.

Chapter count: Halfway done with Chapter 365.


{internal screaming}

We got the rates notice and -oof. Ow. Not looking forward to paying that. Did derive a PLN to be able to pay for the next lot.

I haven't been trying for bonus points this week. This is taking it easy. I might stir myself to do some bonus points today. Depends entirely on my mood.

I also gotta figure out my hashtags for the thing I am about to commence.