Selfish Day

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I am taking a day

I need a day, so I'm taking one. Self-indulgent self-care is happening.

I'm doing this blog and my daily Instant of course but after that, I intend little more than faffing around and doing little at all that's productive.

Hot bubble bath, maybe a DVD or two on my 'to watch' list. And after that exhausting itinerary, a good long nap. After that, I may even leave the bedroom to mess around with a game or two.

It's the weekend. I am officially allowed to enjoy myself.

I'm taking a day or two

Weekends are the perfect days for Selfish Days. And I kind of need a Selfish Day or two because I've been skipping out on looking after myself.

Stressing out about shit that needs to get done only results in me going into a spiral and not getting anything done at all. And much though I'd love someone to just come in and take care of the stressful stuff for me... I have to do it and being Clear will be a big

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