I'm taking a day or two

Weekends are the perfect days for Selfish Days. And I kind of need a Selfish Day or two because I've been skipping out on looking after myself.

Stressing out about shit that needs to get done only results in me going into a spiral and not getting anything done at all. And much though I'd love someone to just come in and take care of the stressful stuff for me... I have to do it and being Clear will be a big help.

Plus, let's face it, Selfish Days help me recharge my batteries.

And if I'm really lucky, I can get in on some Beloved Snuggle Time. Very important. Positive haptic feedback and all that nonse.

So... I'm going to do my Instant and post today's chapter and then I'm doing all the sluggish things I want to do. I shall be absolutely, gold-plated gold-brick LAZY.

And I plan to love every second.

I can feel my batteries recharging as I think about it. Aaaaaahhhhh...