Monday, Self-kindness

Good news! I was not arrested for existing whilst queer. The cops held both sides apart by like ten meters because they really like an easier job.

So the rainbow set yelled at them, and the TERF set decided to condescendingly pity us. Some of them danced to our chants and it was confusing until someone told me they were mocking us.

I thought they were digging our jams.

On the plus side, there were way more rainbow people than TERFs. Something to be grateful for.

I have a twofer to give you today, but because borked wrists, I am not doing much more than that. The cyclone headache isn't helping either.

My preferred phone is likely going to get a battery replacement as a new phone is more expensive than a repair. That might take a bit of a while.

So let's get on with the stories for the day.