Challenge #03724-J071: Lessons for All

It's hard being a teacher and coming up with a lesson plan that incorporates the needs of Deathworlders and Havenworlders together. But I love how fast children adapt, and learn how to be gentle and caring with each other, with the right kind of education from us, and their parents. -- Lessons

Whenever a Deathworlder comes to the class, it's always a good idea to spend a day or two on "gentle touch" and why they must ask first. There's always a few who insist on some variant of survival of the fittest. Including their parents, alas. Those kids have to be restricted to Deathworlder-only classes until they learn better than merely being strong.

Most of the kids can grasp empathy very easily. Kids are great that way.

Every class of kids talks about how to play, and what's okay to talk about. They agree on what's good choices, what's good behaviour, and what everyone can control. Kids know when to be serious about these things for everyone's sake. It's the adults who often have a difficulty.

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