Challenge #03725-J072: Seeds of Hope

How do you define power? Is it the ability to hold someone's life in your hands? Is it the amount of magic you have? Or is it how physically strong and fast you are? Is it your intelligence and how much you know? No, I don't think so. Power is, and is not, all of those things. But more to the point, it is about being able to reach out, even a little bit, and help others in need. Remember, the smallest kindness can move an entire empire far more effectively than any army ever could. -- Fighting Fit

He called himself Bounty, and in honour of a gift and a prophecy, he added the surname Einauge. Sometimes, he could damn what had happened, but... He could understand.

Fate had plans for Bounty. Thievery and crime were not on his agenda. Thanks to a small gemstone handed to him, the previous fate changed.

Just as Xiolein said, Bounty was handed a gift from someone who believed he was doomed to die in that same day. A gift of enormous largesse and enormous trouble in one. Since a Hellkin could be hanged for having such a thing in their possession. Thanks to his connections, Bounty could exchange it for an equal value of money that would be less trouble for the Watch to find.

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