Challenge #01183-C088: When Lewis Met Vivi -- Gallifreya

Lewis didn't know what hit him until long after she had carried him away from the laboratory mishap. Nothing more than noxious smells, but they were lingering noxious smells that resulted in the entire wing shutting down so that cleaners in hazmat suits could get rid of them.

"Thanks," he managed, watching the greenish clouds leaking out of the building.

"Not a problem," said the girl. She had blue hair. And the kind of bulk that would get her taunted by taller, thinner girls. But it was clearly all muscle. She still had him over her shoulder like she'd forgotten she was carrying him at all.

"Um," said Lewis. "I'm pretty sure I can walk..."

"Whoops," she chuckled. Lifted him up in two hands like he was a delicate souflé, and then set him on his feet. Only then did she react in apparent fear. "Holy shit!"

"What? Did I get any on me?"

"Your hands! Dude! They're huge! Look at these things..." She placed his hand over her head. Uncaring for the impediment, she announced, "You could smother me with just one. They're bigger than my entire head!"

He couldn't help but laugh. "I swear I've never crushed anything bigger than an orange."

She emerged again, grinning wide. "Hi. I'm Vivi."

"Lewis Pepper," he said. "Very pleased to make your acquaintance."

His life was never the same, afterwards.

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