Challenge #01128-C031: The Ghost is the Most

1) Logistical problems of a ghostly boyfriend

2) Mystery Skulls, meet Maestro Leopold (See the animatic for Magic, or if you prefer, substitute Bugs Bunny equivalent) -- Gallifreya

[AN: This puts the overlap down to 24. Plenty to go yet]


"The souflé!" Lewis shrieked, and flew straight for the kitchen.

Unfortunately for both him and Vivi, she was between him and the stove. Vivi shrieked, "Yaugh! Cold!"

Arthur, shedding oven mits, stepped aside to show the finished souflé. "I told you I was keeping an eye on it."

"Lewis," Vivi whined. "What did we tell you about going through people?" Her breath still fogged in the air. "Death's chill isn't exactly fun, you know?"

"Sorry," said Lewis. "I was sitting in the sunshine so I could be warm by bedtime, and... uh..." He shrugged. "Sorry."

"We have to work on this," said Vivi.


The latest psychic to visit This Old Haunted House was a bit of a showoff. Fancy clothes. Fancy hair. Sunglasses at night, and even indoors.

He called himself Maestro Leopold, and would exorcise an unsettled soul with the use of magical music. So far, he was meditating in the exact centre of the house and completely ignoring both Lewis' and the Deadbeats' shenanigans.

"This guy might not make the cut," said Vivi, in the secret editing/viewing room.

"Pretty dull, yeah," agreed Arthur. "We might be able to make a running gag out of the meditation...."

"I did all my best stuff on him," complained Lewis. "Not even curiosity. He's a lump."

"Ah there hyou are," said Maestro Leopold, with his vaguely European accent (but exactly where in Europe could not be traced) "Hyes, hyes. My body is still in the house. This is an astral projection, darlings. Hyou," he pointed at Lewis, "hyou have issues, but hyou're not an unsettled soul. Hyou are waiting out hyour true time after an untimely death. I cannot work with hyou. Hyou," he pointed to Arthur, "are amazingly susceptible to possession. Hyou might want to invest in some tattoos, some scarification... I know a guy who knows a guy, I can set hyou up. Not a problem. And hyou, madam... Hyou've got a lingering trace of evil in hyou. Hyou've defeated most of it hyourself, but there's a little seed there. I can set some musical weedkiller on to it tonight. Hyour little greek chorus can help. It'll be fun."

And then his image vanished.

"Tell me you got that?" said Vivi.

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