The best news EVAR!

I was all ready to go and collect the Plan B skirt from MeMum's, after I collected the kids. And just as the alert goes off for me to take off and fetch my little darlings... I get an email from Hello Cosplay that contained this beautiful information:

["We have sent out your cosplay via DHL Express"]

Of course, I still have to be prepared for it all getting lost in the mail. There is many a slip between Shanghai and Burpengary East. Up to and including humpty delivery people who are sick and tired of doing their job and deciding to leave all their parcels in a gutter somewhere.

Seriously, I've had that happen. Way back in my youth, our local postie was sick of the Leylands Tour out in our section of the Boonies and just dumped the deliveries into a pothole or five.

Of course I picked up Plan B. I'm no fool. If I'm not prepared for disaster, then disaster will strike.

But I am tracking it with avid glee and the site I'm tracking it on has an estimated delivery date.

["Estimated Delivery: Monday, February 29, 2016 By End of Day"]

The lovely people at Hello Cosplay have gone to some Herculean efforts [as has MeMum] to get Bitzer dressed on time for her grand Tucson debut.

Currently, the dress is in Hong Kong, and it's just been cleared to move on from there. With any luck at all, it shall be flying to Sydney, soon. Where it will spend a wonderful weekend relaxing in a Sydney warehouse before making the final leg of the journey to my place.

Stay tuned to my Tumblr for any updates.

Meanwhile, I finally got the firkin photo prop to sit flat. All I need is some adult supervision while I burn/singe the edges. Just to make sure I don't accidentally set fire to the house. I'm worried about the varnish being more flammable because it's oil based. With good luck, though, we shouldn't need the fire extinguisher.

Now I actually have to shop for me. The underthings I got were a trifle too tight in an unexpected and alarming factor. Which means my body is just that little bit more freakish. Yay. Which means that it's going to be even harder to get said underthings. Boo.

Story of my life. Clothing and underclothing either injures me or doesn't fit.