Challenge #01220-C125: A Return Visit

He keeps coming back... -- Anon Guest

Arthur saw him two weeks after his initial visit. He calmly collected the mail and, once inside, said something about it. "Hey, Lewis. You remember that cam guy who broke in a while back?"

"Yeah, he was trying to communicate with a Deadbeat. Why?"

"He's lurking in the foliage and watching the house."

Lewis, in the middle of a complicated recipe, groaned to himself. "If he's still there in half an hour, invite him in for tea. And... tell Vivi I said 'don't beat him up'."


Half an hour later...

"I was always worried that I was seeing things, you know?" said the cam guy. Better known as Brinkley. "I could always see and hear things that other people swore weren't real. And there's some history of insanity so... I had to check. I'm sorry I freaked out."

"Not a problem," said Lewis. He was wearing his human guise. "I get that a lot."

Brinkley's hands shook as he sipped his tea. "Do you... get a lot of break-ins?"

"No, not that many. Word gets around after the first few," breezed Vivi. "Arthur keeps one of the Deadbeats in his science shed."

"Yup," said Arthur. "It's amazing how much thefts have gone down since that started."

One of the smaller Deadbeats had long since lounged against Brinkley's lap, where it purred like a vaguely musical cat. Brinkley petted it tentatively. "So... I know I'm not crazy. Now what?"

"Actually, we know a guy who can help. Lives near New York, somewhere..." said Lewis.

"Salem," said Vivi.

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