Knuckle down, buckle down...

I'm doing my first edit on Adapting today. I might even convince myself to transfer the entire text into Markup, so that Beloved will have an easier time making it dance for me. The more work I do beforehand, the less time it takes for Beloved to have it ready for any beta readers.

I'm thinking of sending out a new appeal. I can rely on MeMum and a single Friendo, and if I am lucky and can get Beloved to get back to me with more than, "it's okay". I need more than that, though. More eyes make a better draft. A better draft is therefore more polished and better able to catch an agent's eye.

And I need an agent if I want to Make It out there.

I'm obviously not making enough money with self-publishing. Captain Useless was very obviously wrong about self-publishing and the first book in a trilogy making people want to buy the rest of it.

Even my best-selling novel to date, The Amity Incident, sells at a rate of one per week. That's US$2.21 a week. Which I get taxed on before it gets to me. I'm lucky to get $30 every quarter, and that is most definitely not enough to live on.

I need someone to handle the publicity and promote my shit. And help me promote my shit.

So in between chapter edits [I have something like 80 chapters right now. Yikes.] I will be sorting beads, reading tumblr, and otherwise faffing about as usual. I'm pretty sure I can do five chapters before I'll want a break.

But first - breakfast, Instant Story, and all that other self-care nonse.