Beads, glorious beads!

I've got loads of the fuckers, and I'm planning to get some more. Turns out the local post office has a jewellery stand with some interesting pieces I could definitely use. Alas, I have to wait for next payday.

So if I am still going there to collect parcels, I might grab me some nice looking beads to fluff out my already huge collection of interesting shiny things.

MeMum managed to secure a good two kilos or so from her own sources. Two kilos that had to be sorted by yours truly. It's an ideal task for someone suffering an insomnia hangover, as I was yesterday.

I also have some small shiny things from an overseas friend who both knows my address and can afford to send me nice things. Thank you so much, friendo. You know who you are.

Alas, my efforts are stalled until I can traipse up to Officeworks to get another supply of wee baggies to put all these frelling beads in, because sammich baggies take up way too much space. And I still have a minimum of a kilo of beads that still need sorting.

I have some, but not all of my findings from overseas. And only one of the seed bead colours that I need for my planned flags. Dear readers, please do not send me assorted seed beads. That is a hell that nobody should suffer. If you doubt - try sorting them yourself.

Absolute. Pain. In the anatomy. Trust me.

And since I am doing all this, I might as well go through my extant culch and sort anything there. It needs to happen.

But of all the things that need to happen - looking after myself also needs to happen. Story follows breakfast. Breakfast follows hydration and supplements.