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Challenge #01142-C045: Once Upon a Haunted Discotheque

Dang look at this animation -- Gallifreya

[AN: You should watch. It's pretty awesome]

The old dance hall had a juke box. A relic of an attempt to increase customers whilst reducing DJ costs. And since it was electronic, Lewis could activate it with his ghost powers.

"Hey check this out," he said, five seconds before he did so.

Tom Jones' Sex Bomb began to play, and Lewis began to move. He altered his typical suit just a tad to include some glittering rhinestones.

In life, he was a very good dancer. Something that both Vivi and Arthur appreciated when he was alive. And he still hadn't lost the ability to groove when he was dead.

The only thing that had changed was pyrotechnics.

His ghostly flames were his to command, and he could make them be anything from a harmless light-show to an all-consuming inferno. And on the dance floor, he used them to impressive effect.

Now his dancing included pyrotechnical transformations between his fleshy and skeletal guises. And floating across the old flooring as if he were skating.

It was an impressive show, and warranted applause.

"WhO dArEs?" rumbled the voice of the Phantom.

Lewis flicked into Skeletal mode one more time and readied some more deadly fireballs. "I dare. Wanna make something of it, pal?"

When one runs a paranormal investigation crew and one has a ghost on one's side... it is rather easy to sort the real ones from the fakes. Old Man Jenkins didn't stand a chance.

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