Challenge #01139-C042: One Fine Re-union in a Theatre

Phantom of the Opera parody, starring the flaming purple skeleghost -- Gallifreya

[AN: Skipping the double prompt because (a) foreign lands and far away from the overlap score (b) my time is limited]

"According to Google, this place isn't even here," said Arthur. "This might be a level O manifestation[1]."

Vivi seemed almost possessed. "I've been here before. I can feel it..."

"Yeah, a brand-new century-old abandoned theatre? I don't think so. Let's g-get out of here, Vivi."

"...vivi...?" whispered another voice.

Arthur's hair stood on end. "Yeah, we need to get out of here," he said.

Vivi, meanwhile, was enjoying herself. She'd climbed up onto the empty stage and taken centre spot. "Ladies and Gentlemen... Announcing for the first time on stage, the Mystery Skulls!"

"Vivi, no," said Arthur.

"Vivi, yes!" She giggled and jumped in place. "Come on. At least have some fun with this..."

Spotlights snapped on, causing Arthur to swear under his breath in a seemingly endless stream.

The other voice in the theatre said, "Sing for me, my angel of music..."

Vivi, almost blinded by the lights, said, "...arthur?"

"You did it, now you do what they want."

Vivi took a deep breath, knowing that she couldn't hold a tune in a bucket. And that she was tone-deaf. "Won't you play a sim-ple mElOdY..."

A gout of purple flame and sparkles, and there, beside her, was a very well-dressed skeleton. "Vivi, it is you! You never could sing worth a damn."

"...hey!" said Vivi.

[1] O stands for "O my god, we're in trouble now."

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