Indulgence, Sadness, and Nonsense

Tim Brooke-Taylor, one of the three Goodies and an essential part of my childhood, has succumbed to Covid-19. I can only hope that his passing was free of suffering.

So many people are losing friends and family and I'm here mourning a man I've never met. Similar things are happening all over the internet. People we've only known in memes are passing on and the news is being attached to those memes.

There's mass graves in New York, the supply chain is disintegrating, and there's a bloke saying that civilisation as we know it could collapse by 2050. Cheerful.

We're keeping contact at a minimum, and doctors are sending prescriptions to pharmacies to keep the virus spreading via the patient vector.

Of course I over-indulged on the carbs and I still have too many to deal with now, so of course my fingers are puffy sausages and of course I expect non-plague related breathing issues. Therefore, of course, I shall be attempting to ration my allotment of sinful treats to a more rational and diet-friendly amount.

Of course, I failed at that this morning because tasty treats on my desktop cannot easily be ignored by this chronic sweet-tooth.

Such is life...

If I can get today's story done, I might have a chance at editing that buffer episode that's overdue. Part of me wants to crawl back into bed and wake up when the insanity is over.

If I wanna do that, I should at minimum get you a story fabricated so you can make it through your day.