Challenge #02651-G094: Noise Worth Sleeping to

"I am sorry to bother you, but would you mind if I took a nap while you are here? You don't need to change what you are doing or anything. It is just to... loud... when I am by myself." -- SilverRey

Hejiq startled out of their work mentality to stare at the Ship's Human, Dem. They were wearing colourful insulation over their Ships' Skins known to Humans as a 'kigu', and this one was patterned to match the standard Skitty. Human Dem carried a pillow under one arm and a rolled-up mat under the other.

"There is something too noisy about your quarters?" enquired Hejiq. "We took care to insulate your residence from any invasive noises."

"Ironically? It's too quiet. My head gets loud when it's too quiet. Anxiety, ghost of flakk-ups past, things I should have said. Things I never should have said. I need some controlled white noise so I can fall asleep and the in-residence entertainment unit has an auto-shutoff feature I can't hack. Yet."

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